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Shared corporate solutions. Reimagined.

We make life easier for NHS staff, patients and suppliers by reimagining shared corporate services for the digital age.

Co-created with, and for the people that use them, our back- and middle-office shared solutions work together to deliver unparalleled, demonstrable resilience and value for money. Solutions that resolve both the frustrating inefficiencies and the big challenges. Solutions delivered to the very highest governance standards. Future-proofed solutions, informed by big data, and powered by cutting-edge machine learning and automation technologies.


From creating an ecosystem of Finance, HR and Procurement services, available on demand via a single point of access, to developing solutions that optimise the patient journey from first appointment to discharge, our focus is on improving and streamlining the user experience of our NHS partners.


Throughout our organisation, our people - our greatest asset - are empowered to question, test, and solve the challenges the NHS faces every day. The common values and unity of purpose we share with the rest of the NHS family is reflected in our commitment to public service and to our communities. We're contributing to local, regional and national NHS success, and its transformation to meet the needs of the 21st century.



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