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Consultancy, Advice and Specialist Support

Consultancy, Advice and Specialist Support at NHS SBS

We know the NHS -  we're part of it.

As the country's only provider of end-to-end corporate services to NHS organisations, you can rely on us to give you the support you need, when you need it.

That doesn't just mean we can handle high-volume transactional processes.  It also means we understand the constantly-changing healthcare landscape, and are uniquely experienced in navigating it. The scale and depth of the data available to us gives us a unparalleled insight into the challenges faced every day by colleagues across the NHS, as well as allowing us to benchmark with ease.

Our range of specialist services and support can be taken alone, or as part of a package.  Whatever you choose, you will be dealing with qualified and experienced professionals with a wealth of both NHS and commercial experience.  All our specialist services include robust project management and governance, reporting tailored to your requirements and benchmarking against similar organisations and best-in-class.