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MySBSPay Case Studies

View real life examples of how NHS employees are benefiting from using the MySBSPay App to save them time in their day to day roles

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Deirdre Richardson





Deirdre Richardson, Associate Chief Pharmacist (Operations) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, began using MySBSPay when it was launched in August last year. She has been impressed by the user-friendly nature of the App and the easy-access it provides to her pay-related information.

Deirdre explained: "I'm a huge advocate of the NHS SBS App. It is very helpful to see at a glance my salary over the last few months and also when the next pay day is - as both can vary from month to month."

Before downloading the NHS SBS payroll app, Deirdre could only access her payslips by logging on to the ESR (Electronic Staff Record) via the Trust intranet.

She added: "Rather than having to be at work and logged into ESR, which can be time-consuming, MySBSPay gives Trust employees the flexibility of viewing their payslips very easily at home or on the go from their mobile phone."



Cathy Hill






Cathy Hill, Assistant Director of Nursing at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, is responsible for safe staffing, recruitment and retention, and new roles within the nursing workforce across the Trust's two hospitals.

She has used the MySBSPay App regularly since it was launched last year and believes it can save NHS employees time at work. 

Cathy said: "Using MySBSPay is much easier than having to log on to ESR (Electronic Staff Record) to view your payslip. The ability to ask questions on the App will also mean NHS staff spend less time on phone calls and emails to Payroll."

Before downloading and using MySBSPay, Cathy sometimes struggled to keep up-to-date with expenses she was owed and when they were due to be paid.

She explained: "One of the most useful things about the App for me and others in my team is being able to easily see and track the payment of any arrears or travel expenses."



Lesley Harris






Lesley Harris has worked as a switchboard operator at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for 17 years. She has welcomed MySBSPay as a far more convenient way of accessing her salary information than the traditional paper payslip.

Lesley said: "Previously I would wait for my wage slip and, if I had a question about my pay, I'd then need to call the payroll department. Having the App means that many NHS employees like me can now save lots of time by having everything there on our mobile phone."

Having recommended MySBSPay to colleagues as a modern and easy-to-use payroll App, Lesley has also been keen to explore the benefits and discounts that are available to NHS employees.   

She explained: "We have used the App to save money when buying birthday and leaving gifts for colleagues. And I've also used it away from work to buy gift cards, cinema vouchers and restaurant deals."

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