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Electronic Staff Records

Used by 99% of NHS organisations and holding data for over 1.4 million employees, the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) provides an integrated HR and payroll system to support workforce planning and management.

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The self-service functionality of the ESR offers easy access through a simple browser-based interface. The employee component (ESS) allows staff to view payslips, request annual leave and update personal information, while the manager component (MSS) allows managers to approve actions relating to their staff.

The Oracle Learning Management (OLM) functionality provides comprehensive real-time recording, reporting and control of activities related to the training, learning and development of staff. Employees can use the system to search a catalogue of class-based learning opportunities and enrol online for courses.



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What can we do for you?

When the Interim NHS People Plan was published last summer, it pointed to the fact there "are significant opportunities to help healthcare teams work more productively, releasing more time for care, helping provide fulfilling working lives and enabling every NHS pound to go further in improving access to - and quality of - care."

One of the easiest ways to achieving this initiative is right under the noses of most NHS organisations.

The Health Secretary's Tech Vision for the NHS states that "we should be using the best off-the-shelf technology...and not building bespoke solutions where they are not needed."

A sentiment that seems to define the missed ESR opportunity to date, but one that allows NHS health providers the chance to achieve national objectives.

The overarching aim for us all is to enhance patient care. For every NHS organisation we help to get more from ESR, there is greater resource available for the frontline.

 ESR icon IESR Self Service enables NHS employees to update their own employee records, in real-time
 ESR icon IIIt provides NHS managers access to live reports
 ESR icon IIIESR provides access to update contracts, manage training and record HR information


Making ESR work as it was designed to across the NHS would deliver huge workforce efficiencies for hospitals up and down the country. The technology already exists - it's just a matter of implementing it.


Why partner with NHS SBS?

  • Our team - some of which were originally employed to lead the ambitious rollout of ESR - trained users, migrated data from HR and payroll platforms, and implemented the system effectively

  • Our scope, scalability and subject matter expertise make us perfect partners to review, suggest, implement and train on how to get the most out of ESR

  • Our Project and Change Management teams will carry out everything required to successfully implement the ESR Manager Self Service functionality


Successfully Streamlining

NHS SBS has so far helped over 134 NHS healthcare providers streamline ESR, bringing about notable workforce efficiencies in processes and helping to deliver operational costs through implementation.

Led by Sean Hopkins, the NHS SBS Workforce Consultancy team is partnering with some of the biggest NHS trusts to review their workforce roadmaps. Through this work, we are seeing time and again that multiple systems and processes are used for HR, workforce data, learning and development, and much more.

What is 'interoperability'?

You may have heard the term.

Put simply, it's all about systems talking to systems, or having the ability to exchange and make use of information.

The implementation and enablement of Self Service within ESR provides the opportunity for forward-thinking NHS organisations to bring in critical partners in NHS SBS who understand the art of the possible and the streamlining potential of ESR to release valuable workforce efficiencies and operational costs.


We Want to Help...

Our Workforce Consultancy service to help you and your organisation achieve the maximum benefits from Self Service implementation and optimisation. Our services include the following:

  • A review of current processes and benefits of using Self Service
  • Full implementation using the Prince 2 methodology
  • Face to face training for your trainers
  • A blended approach to training using Webinars or video
  • ESR Data Cleanse and review of existing data
  • Annual leave analysis and configuration
  • Live for the whole organisation typically within 13 weeks


Already using Self Service?

You could increase your existing functionality to include Appraisals, Online Payslips and Property Registration to potentially save thousands of pounds in streamlining processes, going paperless.


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Living and breathing ESR from the very beginning, we understand better than most how it has the potential to transform the NHS via one single, 'end to end' workforce planning tool. Let us help you.


Sean Hopkins is Head of Programmes and Technology for Employment Services at NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS). Having been on the original team for the national implementation of ESR (Electronic Staff Record), he now helps NHS organisations to maximise the potential of this existing technology and find transformational workforce efficiencies.


Contact us for more information: sbs.employmentservices.enquiries@nhs.net

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