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September Payroll and Pay Award FAQs


I increased my hours/ was promoted to a new role recently and was expecting the arrears for this change to be paid in September.

If the arrears are not showing on your September payslip they will be paid in October.


I decreased my hours/ changed my role to a lower banding in a previous month and was expecting my salary to have been less in September.

The adjustment will be made with your October salary.


What should I do if I haven't received my 3% pay rise this month?

Log on to our Employment Services Portal


I am on maternity leave and have not received my 3% pay rise.

The adjustment will go through in October.


How can I be sure payroll knows about my change in contract (hours, job role, new allowance etc.)?

Any arrears you were expecting to receive should be paid in October. If your hours, salary, allowance etc. has not changed then, please contact your line manager who will be able to let you know when the information was provided to payroll.


Am I paying the correct rate of pension on my 3% pay rise?

Contribution rates can be found here. There may be a further adjustment in October if the pay increase has taken you into the next pension bracket.


I left my employer after the 3% pay rise was announced, but before I received it. Am I entitled to receive backdated arrears?

Yes, you are entitled to receive your arrears, but your employer may ask you to contact them for payment. If you haven't received your arrears, please contact your former employer.