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Payroll and HR Services

Our Payroll and HR services are successfully delivered to over 500,000 NHS employees across approximately 64 NHS organisations every month, ensuring they are paid accurately and on time.

Payroll Services

We support NHS providers with a full end-to-end Payroll service, partnering with some of the largest forward-thinking organisations to release valuable workforce efficiencies and operational costs. Our solutions mean NHS employees can focus on patient care, whilst closing the shortage gap, and NHS organisations have help recruiting, retaining and supporting their workforce to provide the highest standards of patient care.

Additionally, our services are ideal to help Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) realise time efficiencies and financial savings across their organisations, enabling interoperability through automation and robotics as a better use of technology, whilst reviewing and improving transactional processes that help the NHS go paperless. Our remote access, real-time, cloud-based service analytics provide interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities that add real and additional value.

We ensure that our clients have access to our people and expertise whilst also expecting a robust, resilient and accurate service. The strength of our own processes means delivering on performance and accuracy, setting a standardisation in service that delivers on both quality and value.


Key Benefits to NHS Organisations

Continuous InvestmentContinuous Investment

The continuous investment in our platform and systems allows our clients to benefit from transformative  technology, without the requirement for significant, repeat capital investment in their own systems.

Significant Operational SavingsSignificant Operational Savings

Significant operational savings are also realised through automated improvements to workforce processes and systems.

Workforce EfficienciesWorkforce Efficiencies

By introducing more technology this also helps  the retention of employees by upskilling them and  making them more efficient in other areas.


Our fully-integrated and accurate way to manage the payroll needs of NHS organisations delivers savings on alternative services, using automated processes that free up individuals to manage more query-led tasks. Our remote, cloud-based business intelligence reporting helps form an efficient and effective service, delivering the best user experience, and optimising client ROI.

In full, these services include: HR transactional work; monthly, weekly and bank payrolls and payslip distribution; gross-to-net administration; reimbursement of travel, subsistence and expense claims; payroll reconciliation; payroll admin support - such as mortgage references and Child Maintenance Service (CMS) - as well as a full suite of digitalised reports and dashboards.


Why NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) is the perfect collaborative partner for you...

Unrivalled ExpertiseUnrivalled Expertise

Our Payroll, Pension and HR teams have unmatched  experience in delivering these services meaning that many NHS organisations don't have to worry about recruiting, training and managing staff to do this themselves. We are the NHS provider of choice, and the market leaders in Payroll and HR services for the NHS.

Scope and ScalabilityScope and Scalability

The size and scope of our operation and the dedication and commitment of our people make us perfect partners to pay and support your workforces so that your employees can focus on other, more  important tasks. We are proud to be part of the NHS family and support NHS employees across the country.

Value for Money and Quality AssuranceValue for Money and Quality Assurance

Our experience and expertise means we understand the NHS landscape and are aligned to NHS strategies to reduce risk and minimise investment burden. We also share a common goal in that we aim to continuously improve quality and efficiency, providing new technology and delivering value for money.


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Delivering continuous improvement through our Transformation Programme

Through a thorough interrogation of our internal processes, the Transformation Programme focuses on using technology better by introducing automation and robotics where possible to bring about efficiencies that will improve the accuracy and overall service we deliver to clients, providing value and saving money.

The Programme helps organisations tackle the four main challenges in aligning with the NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2020/21 through continuous improvement:

  • Better use of technology through automation and digitalisation
  • Standardisation of services through resilience and interoperability
  • Value for money meaning financial control for clients and ongoing investment on their behalf
  • Enhanced quality through user experience and service excellence

The Benefits to Clients

  • Simplifying processes reduces complexity and risk and delivers efficiencies in cost and time
  • Furthermore, this has a positive impact on employee wellbeing and retention and allows employee upskilling
  • Using fully interoperable digital platforms aligns with the NHS's 'better use of technology' target and makes everything more accessible
  • Employee data is easily accessible 24/7 in one secure, accessible place
  • Going paperless cuts time and processes by not requiring forms being completed, sent in and inputted
  • Use of automation and robotics aligns with digitalisation and NHS X initiatives, whilst also improving accuracy