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Workforce Consultancy & ESR Self Service

Our Workforce Consultancy brings efficiencies throughout NHS workforces, delivering improved productivity and control of new or existing processes through a bespoke, jointly-owned implementation plan and full training through an end-to-end project managed change process. We conduct in-depth analyses of existing processes, focussing especially on those that are outdated, non-standard, and time-consuming or error-prone, and highlighting which can be replaced with more modern, efficient ways of working to bring about operational cost savings.

Used by 99% of NHS trusts and holding data for around 1.4 million staff, the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) provides an integrated HR and payroll system. Our expert guidance on configuration delivers automated processing and control of date, whilst removing the need for multiple data recording and paper, allowing improved and timelier workforce information.



We work with over 120 NHS organisations including NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Commissioning Support Units (CSUs), social enterprises and limited companies in offering innovative, technologically advanced solutions to deliver required services.

Getting your internal processes right is more than just important; it's critical. Making sure you're being cost effective in the delivery of your service, as well as ensuring the wellbeing of your skilled workforce is imperative and that's where we can help you.

Our complete process review will show you how to optimise your time whether moving paper processes to online transactions or completing a full move across to robotics.

View more information on our Automation Healthcheck. [654KB] Our Automation and Robotics solutions will help you save money and go paperless.



Our experienced consultants will review your internal processes to see if your operation could be streamlined whilst identifying which ones could be outsourced or automated. This could save you considerable time and money.

Our Experience I

Our Experience II

Our Experience III

Information on our Outsourcing Healthcheck. [401KB]

Information on our Healthcheck Consultancy. [568KB]

Information on our Live Report and Dashboard Creation. [501KB]

Information on our Operational Change and Project Support. [474KB]



NHS SBS offers its Workforce Consultancy service to help you and your organisation achieve the maximum benefits from Self Service implementation and optimisation. Our services include the following:

  • A review of your current process and how this can be mapped out going forward using Self Service
  • Full implementation using the Prince 2 methodology
  • Face to face training for your trainers (up to 6 people depending on organisational size)
  • A blended approach to training such as Webinars or video, hosted on your own website
  • ESR Data Cleanse and review of existing data for Annual Leave purposes


Already using Self Service? You could increase your existing functionality to include Appraisals, Online Payslips and Property Registration to potentially save thousands of pounds in streamlining processes, going paperless.

More information on ESR Self Service Implementation. [520KB]

More information on our ESR Education offering. [656KB]



ONE SYSTEM, ONE RECORD. Transition to ESR OLM and let NHS Shared Business Services help with requirements.

Is your organisation transitioning to ESR OLM? Do you want to maximise the benefits of using such a system? If so, we can guide you through the process of setting up your Certifications for the Statutory and Mandatory defined courses. The experience within our Workforce Consultancy Service will ensure you are mapped out and set up to achieve your competency reporting requirements.

Learn more about ESR Self Service and Optimisation. [520KB]



Our comprehensive Workforce Consultancy Services support automation and greater productivity in employment and human resources services across the NHS. The NHS SBS team also has extensive knowledge and experience in facilitating changes in ESR. We will ensure the process of transition is seamless by removing any significant hurdles and operational risk.

Importantly, by outsourcing the service you can free up your resources to focus on other key areas.

Find out how NHS SBS can help you and your organisation, maximise your resources. [474KB]



 Talk to us... email our friendly team at sbs.employmentservices.enquiries@nhs.net

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