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Procure to Pay and eProcurement

Procure to Pay and eProcurement provide a comprehensive service that includes raising electronic requisitions, the generation and dispatch of purchase orders and invoice payment.

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Our Procure to Pay (P2P) system follows a fully coherent process, from point of order to payment, via simple automation, accurate, reliable data, and enhanced reporting. Our eProcurement module is a powerful means to strengthen NHS procurement best practice and a valuable contributor to any cost improvement programme.



Built on the skills and experiences of our team, the P2P option offers more than just an invoice processing system. From e-invoicing, an out of office function and an escalation feature which prevents delays through to integration with the NHS Supply Chain and other systems, we deliver value across the NHS by using cutting-edge thinking, processes and technology.



By supporting smarter buying initiatives across the NHS including Collaborative Procurement Hubs and NHS Supply Chain through shared catalogues, we allow clients to maximise budget and resource used to buy goods and services. eProcurement is easier to use, faster and more effective than a traditional paper-based system and more accurate in terms of data capture and automates processing, reminders and other administrative tasks.

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