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How should I submit my invoices to NHS SBS?

Send an Electronic Invoice via Tradeshift

By far the best way to send us your invoices is electronically via our E-Invoice partner Tradeshift. This helps the NHS meet their paperless invoice targets and improves the quality of information across the system.

This service is free to use and either:

  • Integrates your financial system with ours; giving you instant confirmation of submission and near real-time view of your invoices within your systems


  • Gives you web portal access to submit and track your invoices; with instant confirmation of submission and then 15 minute updates as to the location of the invoice within the system


For more information and to register, please visit:


Send a PDF copy via Email

We can accept single Invoice PDFs by email. The email address below is ONLY used for processing invoices. Emailed invoices must meet the specified format. Any emails which do not meet these criteria will be automatically deleted.

The email address is:


Guidelines for Emailing Invoices

            - This ensures all correct data is within the Invoice in a consistent way

  • Only PDF email attachments can be accepted

            - Other file types and nested emails cannot be accepted and will go into an exception process

  • One invoice per PDF

            - Backing documents must be included in the same PDF as the relevant invoice

            - Emails with multiple PDFs are acceptable. For example

            - 10 PDFs with 1 invoice per PDF will be accepted

            - 1 PDF with 10 invoices within will not be accepted

  • Emails must not exceed 10Mb


Please note:
  • Invoices which do not comply with above will not be processed
  • Please do not send statements to the invoice email address as this will halt processing. Persistent breaches of these guidelines will result in the supplier being blocked from this service
  • Queries cannot be accepted via the dedicated invoice email address. Please click here to contact us


Send Invoices by Post

We continue to operate our Post Room to manage the receipt of physical invoice copies. To avoid any delays, invoices sent by post should ensure they follow our Good Invoicing Practice.