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Insourcing of Clinical Services

Insourcing of Clinical Services Framework

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Reference: SBS/18/CW/ZOC/9314

Framework Agreement Description

The Insourcing of Clinical Services Framework Agreement aims to support the increasingly popular use of medical insourcing across the NHS to secure extra clinical capacity to meet increasing demand. This short to medium term solution allows Trusts to retain capacity planning in-house and ensure patients can be seen within the Trust or via a remote/virtual consultation if appropriate. There are many benefits to this clinical insourcing framework, including; increased visibility of the patient pathway and greater resilience of local services.

Summary of clinical insourcing services:

  • Provision of a range of specialities/disciplines as requested by the participating authority
  • Triage and clinical assessment of patients for a range of conditions
  • Clinically appropriate diagnostics and treatment, in accordance with participating authority procedure
  • Provision of onward referral or discharge as appropriate, in accordance with participating authority procedure
  • Follow up patient appointments for the duration of the contract period
  • Service delivery on site at the participating authorities' premises, using the NHS Organisation's equipment, IT systems and processes.
  • The option to utilise remote/virtual consultations where appropriate

Phil Davies Insourcing in the NHS

With NHS trusts looking to meet growing patient demand and reduce waiting lists, Phil Davies, procurement director at NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), explains how insourcing clinical services is one way NHS hospitals are treating patients more quickly.

Read the full article in National Health Executive.


Download the Framework Flyer

Insourcing of Clinical Services [195KB]

Framework Agreement Information Insourcing of Clinical Services Framework

When does it start?
01 October 2018 - 30 September 2022

Who can take advantage of the framework?
All NHS and wider Public Sector Organisations across the UK

What does the framework cover?
This framework aims to support the increasingly popular use of insourcing across the NHS to secure extra clinical capacity to meet increasing demand.
Insourcing is defined as where an NHS organisation sub-contracts medical services/procedures. It differs to locum supply in that the full end to end service is provided, not just staff.
The supplier uses the NHS organisation's premises and equipment to deliver these services, however, remote consultations are also available. Insourcing is largely focused on secondary care and the services are used out of hours when the premises/equipment is not being used by the NHS, thus making efficient use of the services.
The framework covers the following service elements:-
• Provision of a multi-disciplinary consultant let service
• Triage and clinical assessment of patients
• Clinically appropriate diagnostics and treatment (excluding surgical interventions beyond day surgery)
• Provision of onward referral or discharge
• Follow up appointments
• Service delivery on site
• Virtual consultations also available
A wide range of specialities are covered.

What are the benefits of using the framework?
A detailed procurement exercise has taken place to ensure that suppliers selected are appropriate in terms of meeting all legislative requirements and therefore, no formal tendering is required.
Increases capacity to help Trusts hit their 18 week targets.
Helps utilise equipment in moments of downtime, i.e evening and weekends.
Patients are seen at the Trust premises.
The procurement offers coverage of services across a wide range of HRG's including endoscopy, ophthalmology, and general surgery.
Opportunity to run a mini-competition off the back of the framework agreement, in order to meet the bespoke requirements of each trust. However, customers can also direct award.
Trust policies and procedure are adhered to.
The appointed suppliers will be able to bring forward new services throughout the life of the agreement.
NHS SBS have category experts on hand to provide support to Trusts as and when required.

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Supplier Details

 18 Weeks Support

Healthcare Buisness Solutions UK LTD 

 Omnes Healthcare

 Alliance Health Group

ICS Insourcing 

Pioneer Healthcare Ltd  

 DMC Healthcare Ltd

 ID Medical Clinical Services

Remedy Healthcare 

 Eden UK Clinical Services

 Matrix Health Services

The Endoscopy Group 

 Elective Services Ltd

 Medicare Insourcing

Totally Healthcare 


 Medinet Clinical

Your Medical Services


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