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Outsourced Clinical Services

Framework Agreement Description

The outsourced clinical services framework provides an OJEU compliant route to market for approved organisations to procure quality, value for money outsourced clinical services. The framework allows approved organisations to retain capacity planning in-house and ensure patients can be seen within suitable and compliant timeframes and help reduce waiting lists. Approved organisations will be able to provide additional clinical capacity by allowing patients to be seen and treated at the alternative providers own facilities.

The framework was tendered under the 'Light Touch Regime', meaning there will be an opportunity at extension to re-open the award and add further providers to the framework.


Framework Agreement Information

Outsourced Clinical Services [471KB]

Outsourced Clinical Services

When does it start?
The agreement is valid from 01 May 2020 and expires on 30 April 2024 (inc. extensions)

Who can take advantage?
All Public Sector Organisations across the UK

What does it cover?
The Outsourced Clinical Services Framework allows approved organisations to purchase additional clinical capacity and allow patients to be seen and treated by an alternative provider at their facilities for either the full patient pathway or elements of it as required.
Clinical services cover all HRG codes and Treatment Function Codes, all clinical specialties, as well as additional services such as administrative support, patient booking services, theatre provision and support.
• Clinical Services covering all HRG Codes and
• Treatment Function Codes
• Full national coverage across all STP Regions
• Pathology and laboratory services and testing
• Additional support services
• Triage, pre-assessments and post-operative follow ups and physiotherapy
• Administrative services
• Patient booking services and communications
• Facilities, theatre and equipment provision
• Step down and recovery beds
• Discount structure depending on requirements






Outsourced Clinical Services Framework

Why should I use it?
Allows approved organisations to purchase additional clinical capacity while retaining capacity planning in house, allowing patients to be seen and treated within compliant timeframes.
Allows approved organisations to reduce waiting lists by allowing patients to be seen and treated by an alternative provider.
Wide range of providers from NHS Trusts to small and large independent sector providers with the ability to provide all HRG and TF Codes with providers covering all STP regions.
Opportunity to run a mini-competition off the back of the framework agreement, in order to meet the bespoke requirements of each Trust.
The agreement gives freedom and flexibility for all participating Authorities to choose the suppliers they wish and direct award within the remit of the agreement.
A detailed procurement exercise has taken place to ensure that suppliers selected are appropriate in terms of meeting all legislative requirements and therefore no formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process.
The appointed suppliers will be able to bring forward new products and services throughout the life of the agreement.


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Supplier Details

 Alliance Medical Limited Horder Healthcare Ltd Pioneer Healthcare Limited
 BMI Healthcare Ltd ICS Operations Limited Provide CIC
 Care UK Clinical Services Limited InHealth Pain Management Solutions Limited Ramsay Health Care UK
 Cellular Pathology Services Limited  InHealth Ltd Rutherford Health PLC
 Circle Health Ltd KIMS Hospital Limited SHS Partners Surgical Ltd
 Connect Health Ltd Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Spamedica Limited
 Diagnostic Healthcare Ltd Fountain Diagnostic Limited T/A LivingCare Group Spire Healthcare Limited
 Diagnostic World Limited Medical Imaging Partnership Limited TAC Healthcare Group Ltd
 DMC Healthcare Limited Modality Limited Liability Partnership Tetbury Hospital Trusts Ltd
 Fairfield Independent Hospital New Medical Systems Ltd The Practice Surgeries
 Greater Lancashire Hospital Nuffield Health Warrington and Halton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
 HealthHarmonie Limited Omnes Healthcare GP Ltd Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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Framework Contact Info Telephone

E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

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