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Technology Enabled Care Services 2

Technology Enabled Care Services Framework

Reference: SBS10144

Potential Saving Opportunities 12 - 15%

Framework Agreement Description

The Technology Enabled Care 2 Framework Agreement supports patient care via technology. This technology framework is divided into six lots; remote clinical monitoring, alarm receiving centre platforms, digital alarms solutions and peripherals, intelligent activity monitoring, patient controlled personalised healthcare records and a one stop shop / combined solution. The framework agreement key services includes the implementation of fall prevention programmes; enabling patients to manage appointments, supporting Local Authorities setting up Alarm Receiving Centres and much more.

Download the Framework Flyer

Technology Enabled Care Services 2 (PDF) [105KB]

Framework Agreement Information Technology Enabled Care Services Framework

When is it operational?
9 January 2023 - 8 July 2024
(with a possible extension up to 8 January 2027)

Who can take advantage?
The Framework Agreement is free to access for all UK Public Sector Bodies.

What does the framework agreement cover?
To promote the use of technology enabled care solutions and improved provision of integrated care across health and care organisations. Utilising both SMEs and national providers, to deliver either a single service, bundled service or provide a fully managed service.

Key services covered:
• Implementation of fall prevention programmes
• Direct patient engagement managing and accessing their own medical records
• Supporting Local Authorities setting up Alarm Receiving Centres
• Maintaining the independence of patients and citizens through smart monitoring

Why should I use the framework agreement?
• Efficient - FTS compliant Process
- Reduced time and resource overhead for procurement
• Specifically developed for the NHS & Social Care sector's requirements
- Developed utilising input and expertise from NHS and Local Authority stakeholders.
- Predictable pricing models with a readymade contracting model in place
- Maintaining the independence of patients and citizens whilst reducing burdens on health and care providers
• Two routes to market
- Further Competition
- Direct Award through a catalogue of goods and services
• Fully Managed Service
- Option to award one supplier to perform all services offered within the scope of the framework agreement.
• Competitive Pricing
- Capped pricing during the framework agreement period to support budgeting and calculation of benefits.  

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Lots Covered

1. Remote Clinical Monitoring3. Digital Alarms Solutions and Peripherals5. Patient Controlled Personalised Healthcare Records
2. Alarm Receiving Centre Platforms4. Intelligent Activity Monitoring6. One Stop Shop / Combined Solution


Which suppliers are on the framework agreement?

Access UK Limited 

Docobo Ltd

Possum Ltd

Aseptika Ltd

Huma Therapeutics Limited

Prescribing Services Ltd

Astraline (TEC) Limited


Solcom Ltd


Inhealthcare Ltd

Specialist Computer Centres


Legrand Electric Ltd

Spirit Healthcare Ltd
Doccla UK LimitedPatients Knows BestVCare Systems Ltd


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