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Workplace Consultancy and Interior Fit Out (Design)

Workplace consultancy and interior fit out, office, retail and front of house (design)

Reference: SBS/19/MA/TYX/9363

Framework Agreement Description

The Workplace Consultancy Services and Interior Fit Out Framework comprises of two Lots; workplace consultancy and fit out services. The workplace consultancy services element includes the service delivery for office and other workplace environments, survey, design and space planning. While the interior fit out part of the framework agreement includes fit out services for office, retail and front of house. The framework will provide experienced project management to ensure efficient professional delivery of interior fit out proposals. This will ensure professional installation of the redesigned spaces and fixed / new furniture solutions.

Download the Framework Flyer

Workplace Consultancy Services and Interior Fit Out [219KB]

Framework Agreement Information

When does the framework start?
12 September 2019 - 11 September 2023
What does this framework cover?
• Lot 1 - Workplace consultancy
• Lot 2 - Fit out services

Who can take advantage of this framework?
NHS and Public Sector Organisations

What are the benefits of using the framework?
No formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process.
The agreement gives freedom and flexibility for all participating authorities to choose the suppliers they wish within the remit of the agreement.
Capped ceiling pricing during the framework period to support budgeting and calculation of benefits realised by participating authorities. Mini-competition may be undertaken to meet the bespoke requirement of each customer.
Both customers and suppliers need only familiarise themselves with one set of contractual terms and conditions, with the need for redrafting and/or renegotiating terms for each procurement exercise undertaken not being necessary.
A framework agreement can help to facilitate NHS Trusts sharing single procurements when they have common requirements.
The experience, expertise and quality commitment of suppliers is assessed during the tender evaluation, with performance and Trusts' satisfaction monitored on an ongoing basis.
NHS SBS has a greater ability to ensure that current best practice is incorporated into the terms and conditions of the framework agreement. Guidance on usage can advise further on best practice, such as ensuring customers have a detailed specification of requirement prior to embarking on a mini-competition.

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Which suppliers are on the framework?


Workplace Consultancy

Fit Out Services

Contents Interior and Graphic Design Limited



LIDR Contract Furniture LTD



NPS Property Consultants Ltd



Pi Group Ltd



Squaredot Limited




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