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Modular Buildings

Faster, Cheaper and Greener Building Solutions

Reference: SBS/10091

Framework Agreement Description 

The Modular Buildings Framework provides a compliant route to access modern methods of construction. This framework agreement includes the purchase, hire or lease of modular solutions, including; offsite building solutions, modular hospital buildings, patient offload departments (PODs) and education solutions. The framework for modular buildings provides bespoke solutions for your needs; from office space to student accommodation, and from care homes to homeless shelters. This framework is open to the NHS, local authorities, schools, academies, 6th form colleges, universities, the MOJ, MOD, and other public sector organisations.



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Modular Buildings [204KB]

Framework Agreement Information Modular Buildings Framework

What is the duration of the framework?
5 July 2021 until 4 July 2023

Who can take advantage of this national framework?
All NHS SBS Approved Organisations. This includes all NHS Trusts and wider Public Sector Organisations within the UK.

What does this framework cover?
The NHS SBS Modular Buildings Framework Agreement covers the purchase, hire or lease of modular design solutions, including:

• Purchase, hire and lease
• Healthcare specific solutions and providers
• Education specific solutions and providers
• Residential specific solutions & providers
• Catering specific solutions and providers
• Bespoke solutions to fit your needs

The framework offers on significant savings when compared to purchasing solutions direct.

What are the benefits of using the NHS SBS modular buildings framework agreement?

Having recognised the high levels of demand seen in the Modular sector over the past two years, we have added more capacity to the framework to keep pace to support NHS and Wider Public Sector. With a range of suppliers opting into various value bands there is a solution available for every type of project, no matter how large or small.
With hundreds of modular projects delivered, from simple £20k hire to complex £20m+ Healthcare new build and combined with experienced staff, this next generation framework can support all requirements.    
With pricing options that include per m2, overheads & profits, staff rate cards and flexible pricing structure to support clients' unique requirement.                                                
Support government strategy by ensuring that social value, sustainability, MMC and key principles of The Construction Playbook are incorporated within the framework.

Efficiency gains from Modular Construction

The efficiency gains from modular and offsite manufactured solutions support the delivery of the government's construction and industry strategy targets, which include time and cost savings as well as whole life cost benefits and in use savings. This modular building framework in turn provides a fully UK compliant route for NHS and public sector organisations to procure all types of modular building solutions. The framework agreement has been awarded following a fair and open competition across the offsite construction and modular buildings market. The specification has been developed through thorough consultation with the market and experts in the field of Modern Methods of Construction.

- Both permanent and temporary modular build solutions are available with preferential pricing without the need for a further complex procurement process.
- Direct award and mini-competition routes are available under this framework allowing the procurement process to be quicker and more efficient.
- Modular Buildings are pre-manufactured in a controlled factory environment and assembled on site offering a full turnkey solution.
- Ideal for live and busy clinical, classroom or office environments
- The framework provides the flexibility to purchase and hire from the capital and revenue budget.
- Production in a controlled factory environment will keep your project on time and on cost.
- Modular Building provide sustainable, greener solutions to help construction industry on the road to Net Zero.

Modular Solutions Case Studies

Premier Modular North Middlesex Hospital

Premier Modular Case Studies - North Middlesex Hospital [302KB]

McAvoy Case Study

The McAvoy Group - Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital [2MB]

Principal Category Manager, John Cunningham said: "This Modular Buildings Framework has delivered many stand-out projects; the three-storey hospital wing and ambulatory care unit at Cramlington in Northumbria by The McAvoy Group is a superb example of that. It's a great flag bearer for what modular can do in terms of providing value for money within a short programme. The curved design, which mirrors that of the main hospital, dispels some of the myths about the appearance of modular buildings."

Modular and Off-Site Manufactured Solutions - NHS SBS Modular Buildings Framework Case Studies [888KB]

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Supplier Details

Actaccom Ltd

Inivos Ltd T/A Health Spaces

Reds10 (UK) Limited

AV Danzer Limited

Merit Holdings Limited

Rollalong Ltd

Caledonian Modular Ltd

ModPods International Ltd

Space Quantum Company Ltd

Catfoss Group Manufacturing

Modular 360

The McAvoy Group Limited

Claritas Group Ltd

ModuleCo Healthcare Ltd

Thurston Group Limited

Collinson PLC, T/A Collinson Construction

ModuleCo Ltd

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Limited

Cotaplan (Windward Limited)

MTX Contracts Ltd

Wernick Group (Holdings) Ltd

Darwin Group Ltd

PKL Group (UK) Ltd

Western Building Systems Ltd

Elliott Group Ltd

Portakabin Limited

Zed Pods Limited

Extraspace Solutions (UK) Ltd

Premier Modular Limited



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