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Finance systems a "revelation" for Humber Teaching NHS FT

We are delighted to have formed a brand new partnership with Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, which has switched to us from its former provider of finance and accounting services to future-proof its finance operations and drive greater efficiencies.

By replacing its error-prone manual systems with our intuitive technology, which speeds up processes, improves transparency and makes it easy for employees to get financial transactions right first time, the Trust has reported "transformed financial management".

Annette Clough, Financial Controller at the Trust, described how the new partnership is already having a hugely positive impact across the organisation.

"Budget-holders feel empowered and benefit from clear oversight of the financial transactions being made within their area at any time. As a result, they're so much more engaged with the financial system we use and are enthusiastically making use of some of its more strategic functionality.

"Now, our jobs (in the Finance Team) are less about doing the routine and more about checking, meaning we have the time to do far more sophisticated things with the significantly higher quality data we now have at our disposal - like detailed forecasting.

"The system provides far more granular information and makes it easy to analyse data for a much clearer view on our financial position at any given time, something that is already helping us to meet Cost Improvement Targets.

"The services provided by NHS SBS have transformed financial management in our organisation. Systems are more sophisticated yet simultaneously much easier to use. Whether you're trying to raise a PO or carry out complex forecasting - efficiency and effectiveness are simply in-built. It's been a real revelation."

Find out more about how we are working with Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust here.

And to hear how you could also benefit from our finance and accounting service, contact us at here.

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