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A smooth end to the year

March and April are always exceptionally busy for finance teams and ours are no exception.

Each year we work with our clients and operational teams to make our processes and actions as easy as possible to complete. This includes making sure our websites are up-to-date with timetables, useful tools, forums and guides to support through the Year End.

For NHS SBS 2017/18 Year End has run exceptionally smoothly. Our operational teams are experts in handling the requirements of Year End and meeting the needs of our clients.

We won't have our full set of statistics until later this month; however we've been delighted with the low number of queries received. We had a record number of people attending our webinar and great feedback on the revised format.

We wanted to share some key facts from the 2017/18 Year End:-

Information Technology

  • very few calls raised during the month
  • the system was fully operational during the entire period with no down time
  • support available throughout the Year End weekends and bank holidays.


Accounts Receivable (AR)

  • from an AR perspective, we had a fantastic year end - 100% AOB statements were issued on 26 March in line with the Department of Health timetable
  • accrual statements were issued on 9 April in line with the Department of Health timetable
  • all queries from both clients and debtors were promptly dealt with and we spoke with every client who needed assistance


Post room

  • 340,000 invoices scanned in March 2018
  • 810 boxes opened and prepared for scanning
  • 37,000 invoices processed via Scan Invoice Email box direct to Verification


Offshore Procure to Purchase (P2P)

  • successfully closed Year End and no KPI's were missed
  • processed 621,000 transaction during March 2018
  • achieved high accuracy - 98.30% to 99.66%
  • completed 160 supplier merger requests with 3,615 activities


General Ledger (GL)

  • the GL team were busy working on Year End during March and April and provided an out of hour's service every weekend from Friday 30 March 2018.
  • all month end reports and Interim Reconciliation packs were sent out over the bank holiday weekend and were ready to be used by our clients on working day 1
  • all Final Packs were sent out in 4 working days, 64% of these were sent out by working day 3 and many of these were sent over the weekend


To help us continually improve this service, we welcome feedback and any comments you may have, so please get in touch.

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