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NHS SBS unveils procurement framework for AI and stroke

Med-Tech Innovation News - "...Use of AI can reduce the decision-making time for both thrombolysis and thrombectomy, increasing the numbers of patients eligible for both interventions and improving the likely benefit of treatment. It can provide interpretation of imaging within seconds, as opposed to up to 30 minutes when manual review of the images is undertaken remotely by a reporting doctor..." - Read more here:

Delivering a high quality, innovative and cost-effective NHS Estate

National Health Executive - "...Many NHS trusts' hard facilities (Hard FM) teams have been grappling with ways to get the most out of their buildings, equipment services - with a new NHS SBS framework agreement ensuring that they get optimal return on investment from their spending..." - Read more here:

NHS picks suppliers for £15m framework to support use of AI in stroke diagnosis

Public Technology - "...The aim of the framework is to provide clinicians with technology that can supplement their diagnostic and treatment work - particularly in the immediate aftermath of a patient suffering a stroke..." - Read more here:

New framework for communication technology is launched

Digital Health - "...The Patient/Citizen Communications and Engagement Solutions framework is replacing the previous Communications, Appointments, Reminders and Alert agreement and has been designed to respond to the need for better pre- and post-appointment communications within the NHS to deal with the backlog of urgent appointments..." - Read more here:

NHS suppliers must use electronic invoices from April

Health Service Journal - NHS SBS "...processed 3.3 million supplier invoices in the last 12 months on behalf of clinical commissioning groups - of which around 45 per cent were submitted electronically" - Read more here:

NHS SBS launches £800m Hard FM framework

Facilities Management Journal - "...With an approach heavily focused on sustainability, NHS SBS's new framework agreement ensures broader ethical environmental objectives are considered and met, tying into the strategies and ambitions detailed in NHS England's 'Delivering a 'Net Zero' National Health Service' plan..." - Read more here:

'Pioneering' AI stroke diagnosis tech now available to NHS

Stroke Rehab Times - "...NHS SBS has introduced a procurement framework agreement for AI stroke-detection software. The framework enables NHS organisations to access the innovative, evidence-based, cost-effective technology to provide rapid treatment where required..." - Read more here:

Industry View: health tech experts react to current challenges within the digital industry

Health Tech Newspaper - "...The need for NHS bodies to coordinate and move towards an operating model that supports an optimal solution is a large scale change..." - Read more here:

NHS AI framework offers decision support for stroke diagnosis

Computer Weekly - "...Procurement framework aims to help hospitals gain access to pioneering AI-powered image analysis for stroke detection..." - Read more here:

NHS SBS Launches £800m Hard Facilities Management Framework With Focus On Sustainability And Safety

Facilities Management UK - "...Maintaining a safe environment in healthcare settings - from infection control, through to the maintenance and upkeep of medical facilities and equipment - has a direct bearing on patient safety and care, the wellbeing of the NHS workforce, and that of the wider public..." - Read more here:

Winners revealed for £1.6bn NHS modular framework

Construction Enquirer - "...One of the advantages of offsite construction is the speed at which projects can be completed, and this framework will additionally speed up the process for public-sector clients..." - Read more here:

Framework responding to need for better patient pre and post appointment communications, launched

Health Tech Digital - "...the revised agreement provides NHS organisations with access to market leading communication tools encompassing alerts, reminders and appointment technology that support healthcare professionals to deliver effective and efficient clinical care..." - Read more here: