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Programme Management Solutions

Right Information, Right Time, Right People - enabling effective delivery of complex change.

Programme Management


The challenge

Against a backdrop of constrained funding and increasing demand, health and care organisations and systems must change and evolve to be fit for the future.

In-house resource capacity with the newly required capabilities is in short supply and the successful delivery of transformational change requires coordination and hands-on support as well as dedicated leadership.

Traditional Programme Management Offices (PMOs) can be bureaucratic, inflexible and obstructive, seen as adding unnecessary barriers and slowing progress rather than enabling smooth and efficient programme delivery.


Our solution

We support health and care systems with bespoke, simple programme management solutions.

Rather than enforcing dogmatic processes that add no value, our people will work with you to define a tailored PMO offer, and will provide whatever depth and breadth of support is necessary to achieve your transformational strategy.

Programme Management SolutionsThis includes:

Skilled people - Our team of experienced practitioners are able to supplement in-house resource, ensuring that you have access to the skills required to deliver.

Access to effective systems and processes - Whether your programme is in need of professional advice and guidance, or a fully managed PMO system, we have the tools, techniques and templates you require.

Governance and reporting - Once we have gained an understanding of your programme stakeholders, delivery milestones and sign off points, we will ensure that information is available to the right people in the right format, at the right time.

Risk and issue management - We will embed proven risk and issue management techniques, ensuring that mitigations are owned, and that your programme avoids unnecessary disruption.

Benefits realisation - We will support you to define, track and realise tangible programme benefits, enabling you to demonstrate the success of your new care model and ultimately achieve its desired outcomes.



HIS Bullet Point  A critical friend
Providing external review and challenge, to increase confidence in your programme.

HIS Bullet Point  Value adding
Pragmatic, flexible PMO support that will contribute proportionately, only where there is real value to be achieved.

HIS Bullet Point  Simple
A proven approach offering clear structure and executive oversight.

HIS Bullet Point  Shared learning
In-depth, practical knowledge of new models of care, gained from the delivery of Vanguard programmes across the country.

HIS Bullet Point Independent
Impartial support capable of working across organisational boundaries and facilitating collaboration across Integrated Care Systems.

HIS Bullet Point Capability development
We will integrate with your internal team, offering a learning and development opportunity which will allow you to develop in-house expertise.


Why we're different

We are proud to be part of the NHS family
We are unique in providing services that represent value for money, with profits reinvested into the NHS as part of our joint venture with the Department of Health and Social Care.

Our Capability
Our team has a unique blend of extensive healthcare and commercial expertise, which is complemented with support and assurance from our wider business, including specialist VAT advisory, BI analytics, and leading edge digital tech solutions from our parent company Sopra Steria to create a "one stop shop" to support your needs.

Our services combine to create true flexibility, supporting whole-system transformation in the format you need to enable manageable patient outcome improvement and value for money.

Organisational Knowledge
When you work with NHS SBS you don't just get the benefit of the knowledge and experience of the team assigned to your project. You get the benefit of our collective knowledge and learning from our work with a wide variety of health and care commissioners and providers.

Consistency, resilience and governance
Working with our team ensures that there will be a consistent approach, boosting resilience and improving governance and control.

Track Record
We have delivered audited savings of over £400 million to our NHS clients and our Healthcare Improvement Solutions team has an outstanding record of customer satisfaction.


What our customers think

Stockport Neighbourhood Care logo"The SBS team led the PMO office for Stockport Neighbourhood Care producing reporting mechanisms that give a credible system overview. Their style and approach is great to work with and genuinely supports good decision making."

Dr Jaweeda Idoo, Clinical Transformation Director, Stockport Neighbourhood Care


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