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We offer innovative finance and accounting, employment and procurement solutions which deliver significant operational efficiencies, improved service quality and generate real cost savings for our clients.

Employment Services
In employment services we provide a portfolio of solutions that helps NHS organisations meet industry targets in recruiting, retaining & supporting employees.
Finance & Accounting
Our finance & accounting services enable you to transfer your focus from repetitive, transactional work, to transformational projects & frontline patient care.
Our procurement experts provide value-for-money NHS procurement. We deliver immediate and sustained savings and efficiencies to NHS purchasing.
Digital Innovation Services
A joint innovation incubator to brainstorm and pressure test potential solutions to client challenges, moving from idea to concept to proof of value, before delivering a final product.
The Edge4Health
The Edge4Health is a partnership between NHS Shared Business Services and Virtualstock. The cloud-based platform connects providers and suppliers.
Manage your personal health budgets with PHBChoices - a service brought to you by NHS Shared Business Services.

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