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Want to take steps to get paid quicker and submit your invoices in a way that doesn't involve paper, postage or manual handling?


What is e-Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing is the transfer of an invoice document through an electronic format between the supplier and buyer, directly entering the buyer's accounts payable ledger without any manual intervention such as data entry or invoice validation.

Sending invoices via email or fax is not considered electronic invoicing.


Benefits of e-Invoicing


Transparency - Visibility into the invoicing process
Faster Payment - See below turnaround time average difference for electronic invoices compared to paper
Reduced Costs - printing, paper, postage, phone calls...


Sustainability - Environmentally friendly invoicing
Greener NHS - Supports the NHS to become a carbon net zero national health system


Reduced time - Days on average electronic invoices are paid quicker than paper invoices: 21* (*Based on invoices paid between January-December 2021)


e-Invoicing Options

NHS SBS are working in partnership with Tradeshift, an exciting business platform to deliver e-Invoicing for suppliers to our NHS clients.

Registering with Tradeshift is quick and simple and the benefits are immediate. If you are an SME or low volume supplier then the web-based portal at is likely to be the best solution, offering immediate access to submit and review invoices wherever you are.

If you submit a higher volume of invoices, you may wish to consider integrating your existing invoicing software with the Tradeshift system. This is a simple process, with support available, to help you see just how beneficial e-Invoicing could be for your business.

If you'd like to explore the Tradeshift e-Invoicing solution further then we would be happy to answer any questions you have.
Contact us on 0303 123 1177, by emailing or, for more information, visit