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Want to take steps to get paid quicker and submit your invoices in a way that doesn't involve paper, postage or manual handling?

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Case Studies

The success story below shows how our NHS partners can overcome the day-to-day challenges they face in the back and middle office.

Bromley Healthcare CIC

Streamlining payments with e-invoicing


e-Invoicing through Tradeshift is an exciting new business platform that is designed to make life simpler for organisations and we are working in partnership with them to deliver e-Invoicing for suppliers to our NHS clients.

Registering with Tradeshift is quick and simple and the benefits are immediate. If you are an SME or low volume supplier then the web-based portal at www.tradeshift.com is likely to be the best solution, offering immediate access to submit and review invoices wherever you are.

If you submit a higher volume of invoices, you may wish to consider integrating your existing invoicing software with the Tradeshift system. This is a simple process, with support available, to help you see just how beneficial e-Invoicing could be for your business.

Why e-invoicing?

  • Easy setup - it's quick and simple to get started and just as simple to use
  • Free to use - no setup fee, transaction fees or service charges
  • Improved communication - track the status of your invoices and run key reports
  • Instant validation - take advantage of 15 pre-submission checks to ensure your invoice is right first time
  • Reduced business costs - printing, paper, postage, phonecalls...


Whatever type of organisation you are and whatever volume of invoices you submit, we're confident that e-Invoicing can work for you and we are keen to start the onboarding process with you now.

Click  NHS SBS eInvoicing Information Guide [743KB]  for our quick guide to implementing e-Invoicing through Tradeshift.

If you'd like to explore the Tradeshift e-Invoicing solution further then we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us on 0303 123 1177, by emailing SBS-W.e-invoicingqueries@nhs.net or, for more information, visit http://tradeshift.com/supplier/nhs-sbs.

NHS SBS and Tradeshift - the future of e-invoicing for the NHS

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